Grand Theft Auto(GTA) 2 All Cheats

Before you can enter any cheat codes, you’ll first need to enable Cheat Mode. To do this, type gouranga in the Cheat Option.
You can enter multiple cheats by returning to the player name entry screen, deleting the previous cheat code, and entering a different code. This allows you to unlock multiple cheats for a single game and can be repeated for each cheat code.
Activate the following cheats in gta 2, enter the code in the player name field when you start playing. You can only enter one code for each game or so it would appear.

Be warned that using cheats on gta 2 may cause unintended side effects, disable achievements, and/or hinder game progress.Use cheats at your own risk.

Cheat Codes

$500,000 – coolboy
$500,000 – muchcash
$9,999,999 – iamdavej
10x Point Multiplier – segarulz
200,000 Points – danisgod
99 Lives – cutie1
A Lot of Blood – gorefest

All Bonus Levels – tumyfrog
All Levels – tumyfrog
All Towns Unlocked – ukgamer
All Waepons – forallgt
All Weapons – godofgta
All Weapons+Ammo – godofgta

Brutality Increases – beefcake
Double Damage – SCHURULZ
Elvis Clan – LASVEGAS
Free Stuff – EATSOUP
Get Out of Jail Free Card – JAILBAIT
God Mode – livelong
God Mode – rsjabber

Have No Beef with Gangs – MADEMAN
Invisibility-  hunsrus
Invisibility-  rsjabber
Keep Weapons after Death – ARSESTAR
Naked People – nekkid
No Police – losefeds
Really Violent Citizens – buckfast
Show Location –  wuggles
Small Cars – fishflap
Unlimited Electrogun – voltfest
Unlimited Flamethrower – flameon

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